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Giving Us an Excuse to Show Off Our Chests! [entries|friends|calendar]
Chest Piece Community

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[24 Apr 2006|03:29pm]

hi, i'm like, the third person to join this comm and wanted to show the start of my chest piece. there's really not much there because i don't know what else i want to incorporate into it. i know i want more different kinds of leaves sprouting out and perhaps some text somewhere. anyways, here it is, far from done. of anyone has any ideas, please feel free to leave them. thanks.

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Welcome! [29 Mar 2006|03:53pm]


As the mod here, I figured I might as well start off posting!
This is my chest piece that I got done on Dec. 30 '05..
I've yet to get any coloring done
annnnd I just found out my artist left the studio
so yea.. but anyways, in the middle is the sacred heart
with a banner saying "Serenity"
and there's a sparrow and a rose on each side of it.
Enjoy, and hope to see lots of new members soon!!:

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